Rotarian Vocational Alliance for Saving Mothers & Babies

Proposal – Create a frame work of partnership between RAGs, Fellowships, Academics,
Experts and Volunteers to act as a guide and support for programmes achieving
progressive reduction of preventable maternal and child deaths, in the SDG era (reduction
of MMR to 70 per 100,000 births and universal health coverage) in low resource settings.

Stop Mothers Dying!

About 300,000 women and 3 million  babies worldwide die each year in pregnancy and childbirth – 90% in the deprived developing world, especially SE Asia and Africa.

Most of these deaths could be prevented through faster access to medical help, and improved local medical knowledge and practices.

what can you do to help ?

Donate, be a volunteer trainer, mentor. Join Rotarian Vocational Alliance.

The Solution:

Collaborative action needed at all levels to achieve universal health coverage.

Liaising with government

liaising with government, training health workers at community level;

Rapid access to medical help

recognition of the need for rapid access to medical help;

Training health professionals

training health professionals in modern maternal lifesaving techniques;

24 Hours Emergency

and improved access to ‘safe motherhood’.   
‘Calmed’ addresses all these issues by sending high quality medical teams to share their skills with their local peers, who will cascade them right down to village level, continuing long after the team departs.
How Can You Help ?

Does it Work?  

The Evidence Based Calmed programme  and subsequent evaluation ensures sustainable quality.   Sikkim (our first visit) has shown sustainable improvement
in the years following the introduction of the Calmed model.

Our Mission: Universal health coverage (UHC)

Increase the number of trained health care workers (doctors, nurses, midwives);
Mobilise the Community to raise awareness of maternal health issues;
Improved analysis of all maternal deaths to identify avoidable factors;
Quality improvement in training methods and access to maternal care.

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Calmed at Seoul RI Convention 2016

Calmed at Seoul RI Convention 2016 Come and see us at the Rotary International Convention at Seoul on 28 May – 1 June 2016. Find PDG Dr Himansu Basu at the Calmed Booth (No 2609), or hear him at our Calmed workshop: 31 May: ‘Interactive Workshop on CalmedVTT’ at Kintex 2 Room 308 or 1st…


CALMED Presentation at Madrid Rotary Institute

CALMED Presentation at Madrid Rotary Institute About 600 Rotarians and guests attended the Foundation Seminar on the 25th November, 2016 at the Hotel NH Euro, Madrid, as part of Rotary Institute. PDG Dr. Himansu Basu was invited to speak on our District’s award winning Calmed (Collaborative Action in Lowering of Maternity Encountered Deaths) maternal and…


VTT Visits Bhuj 2016

VTT Visits Bhuj 2016 Tuesday 1st March – it was a bright sunny day, started with lectures on Infection control, obstetric emergencies and raised blood pressure. These were followed by discussions, demonstration of videos and break out sessions with hands on training on skills equipment. Throughout the day the training was undertaken by the group…